Review: Practical DevSecOps CDP

TL;DR Won’t make you an expert, but gives very good base Believe them when they say Practical, be ready to actually DO stuff by yourself. Short curse, concise, very informative Teaches how to transform a regular CI/CD pipeline into a production ready DevSecOps* pipeline Good for beginners in DevOps, but at least you have some IT background They mention commercial products, but the course is focused on open source tools.

Review: Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree

On March 15th Udacity launched a promotion aimed to help people affected by the pandemic. (yup! the Covid-19 thing I’m tired of). This was about getting a completely free one month access (30 days) to any of their programs. I took advantage and gave it a try. I enrolled in the DevOps nanodegree and here are my thoughts. TL;DR The program is worth it if you have basic knowledge of cloud and docker containers.

Hello World

This is a hellow world Compiling from gitgub actionsp push